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Diving in Australia

Diving in Australia

Completely surrounded by water and rich in islands and reefs, Australia is a scuba diver’s dream.  Our waters shelter a treasure trove of marine life, with more than 4000 species of fish and the world’s highest diversity of sea grass. Swim with the giant, gentle whale shark on Ningaloo Reef or learn to dive on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef – the world’s largest living organism. Our temperate waters are calling, so come dive in.


Join a multi-day liveaboard tour or enjoy a spot of diving on one of our self drive or group tours.

Diving in Australia
Great White Shark Cage Diving
Australia Scuba Diving
Lizard Island Scuba Diving
The Yongala Wreck Dive Site
Outer Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
Codhole & Ribbon Reefs - Great Barrier Reef Diving
Dive the Great Barrier's Codhole and Ribbon Reefs

Don’t miss the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, a living masterpiece so big it can be seen from space. Discover the colorful tropical fish, vibrant corals, giant clams, anemones, and a family of giant potato cod. Go ashore and explore at Lizard Island or take a scenic flight for a different view.

4 Day Great Barrier Reef Diving

South West Rocks Diving
South West Rocks Diving with Grey Nurse Sharks

Dive one of the world’s top 100 dive sites – Fish Rock. Australia’s best ocean cave dive offers a 125 long cave through the center of a small island. Fish Rock is also a critical habitat for the magnificent grey nurse sharks!

6 Day South West Rocks Diving

Great White Shark Cage Diving
Great White Shark Cage Dive in South Australia

Visit the Eyre Peninsula, swim with Australian sea lions at Hopkins Island and enjoy cruising the waters of South Australia. Experience a once in a lifetime opportunity observing and interacting with the Great White Sharks from the boat, surface cage or down on the ocean floor.

4 Day Great White Shark Expedition

Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Diving
Whale Shark Diving in the Ningaloo Reef

Join the tropical-colored party at Ningaloo Marine Park, the world’s largest fringing reef. Its home to 200 species of hard coral, 50 soft coral and over 500 species of fish. Between March and July, swim with the world’s largest fish – the Whale Shark.

2 Day Ningaloo Whaleshark & Dive

SS Yongala Wreck Diving
The SS Yongala Wreck Dive in the Great Barrier Reef

One of diving’s Seven Wonders of the World...The SS YONGALA… Over 100 meters of the most amazing Wreck and Wildlife experienced anywhere in the world. Be amazed by  turtles, sharks, whales, snakes and mantas! Voted: AUSTRALIA’S BEST DIVE.

3 Day Great Barrier Reef Snorkel & Dive

The Whitsundays Diving
Sail and dive the Whitsundays in the Great Barrier Reef

Sail the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean as you experience the beautiful Whitsunday Islands in the heart of the world heritage Great Barrier Reef. This chain of islands is the perfect place to explore both above and below the water.

3 Day Whitsundays Sailing & Diving Adventure