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Limestone Coast Location Map
  • Naracoorte Caves

    Naracoorte Caves National Park is South Australia’s only World Heritage Attraction and is located in the popular tourism region of Limestone Coast.

  • Mount Gambier

    Mount Gambier is known for its lakes, craters and caves and is located on the slopes of an extinct volcano. A feature of the region is the Blue Lake and its stunning turquoise blue water.

  • Coonawarra

    Coonawarra is situated in the Southeast and is the main wine producing region of the Limestone Coast .

Limestone Coast -
Forged over 26 million years by the primal forces of the ocean and the movement of tectonic plates, the Limestone Coast has been perfectly sculpted into a natural holiday playground.
The Limestone Coast - 26 million years in the making
Cruise through the beaches and lagoons of Coorong National Park
Rich red wines produced in the Coonawarra wine region

The result? Picturesque port towns such as Kingston SE, Robe and Beachport, where watersports are the order of the day. Impressive volcanic craters and mountain lakes, such as the Blue Lake at Mount Gambier. And the spectacular caving sites at Naracoorte Caves.


These same natural forces created the Coorong National Park, with its sandy coast and lagoons. They also created the 'terra rossa' soils at Coonawarra, which provide the ideal environment for producing world class wines.


It may have taken 26 million years to create the Limestone Coast. But good things are worth the wait.