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Yorke Peninsula Location Map
  • SA Fishing Adventures

    SA Fishing Adventures is a deep sea fishing charter based at beautiful Marion Bay.

  • Homegrown Trail

    Take a look at real farms and working businesses to experience everyday life for these locals.

  • Innes National Park

    Experience the great coastal landscapes of the Innes National Park in Yorke Peninsula. The park is the perfect place for coastal walking, bird watching, surfing and fishing.

Yorke Peninsula -
Renowned for their cruisy atmosphere and laidback lifestyle, the beaches of Yorke Peninsula are great places to go swimming, surfing, fishing or on a family picnic.
Catch your own fresh seafood on the Yorke Peninsula
Clear waters on the Yorke Peninsula shore
The shipwreck coast of Yorke Peninsula
Cape Spencer Lighthouse - Yorke Peninsula
The coast of Yorke Peninsula
Marion Bay Jetty
Pondalowie Boardwalk on the Yorke Peninsula

Yorke Peninsula is quite possibly South Australia's favourite holiday spot. Evidently, the locals are on to something.


Innes National Park is an amazing place to visit - serene, yet full of wildlife, with bushland, rugged cliffs and secluded ocean beaches.


You can also treat yourself to some of the best fishing in the country, simply by dropping a line off one of the region's historic jetties.


With its breezy pace, Yorke Peninsula is the ideal place to go when you deserve a peaceful getaway.