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The Charleston Glowworm Cave, West Coast, New Zealand.

South Island's West Coast Caving

Charleston Glowworm Cave Dry TripCharleston

Explore an ancient wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites as you walk through ‘Galaxies’ of glowworms in the large and dry upper levels of the Charleston Glowworm Caves situated on the beautiful South Islands West Coast. Galaxies of glowworms, like no other are to be found in the awe-inspiring Metro cave and discovered recently this is one of the few caves in the world you can walk through and see in its natural, un-spoilt state.

Travel by rainforest train through true primeval rain forest, an easy rise that gets you to the beginning of the enormous Charleston Glowworm Caves system. At base you will be equipped with the latest caving gear, helmets with LED headlights, coats and boots if necessary. You will walk amidst a pristine ancient system of stalactites and stalagmites and through galaxies of glow-worms passing through the film site for the BBCs “The Lost World” you also get the opportunity to take a short walk to the famed Nile River Suspension Bridge - This is a simply stunning soft eco tour in a very special place.

NOTE: This adventure is suited to everyone who can walk unassisted for two hours on uneven surfaces.

Black Water Rafting and Glowworms Adventure Paparoa National Park

This is a superb 4-hour Black Water Rafting adventure in the Paparoa National Park. The Nile River Cave System host what has been called the largest display of Glowworms in the world and it is spectacular. Taking the rainforest train through genuine primeval rain forest to terminate at the entrance to the enormous Nile River Cave System.  Meander through a calcitic paradise of stalactites and stalagmites in the upper dry levels of the cave.

The Nile River Rainforest Train transports you through not just space but also time, this primeval rain forest with its towering limestone cliffs in the Nile River Canyon have been here for millions of years – untouched! Fitted out with the latest gear - wet suits, boots, gloves and a helmet with a state of the art LED caving torch you take the short climb that is required to enter the enormous Cave System.

Here you meander through a calcite paradise of spectacular stalactites and stalagmites in the upper dry levels of the cave. When you get down to the lower active levels of the cave, you are meet with slow moving underground water on which you float in your inner tube using only the natural light the simply awe inspiring display of glow worms for navigation. Emerge from the cave into a very remote and untouched world before leaving its tranquility for the rushing bubbling waters of the low grade Nile River Rapids.

NOTE: You must be 10 years or over and have water confidence to participate on this adventure.