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Devils, Death Adders, Crocodiles and Tarantula... The Australian Reptile Park A Great Place for you and the Kids?

Devils, Death Adders, Crocodiles and Tarantula... A Great Place for you and the Kids

Looking for something interesting for the family to do while in Sydney? Just north of the city is a place worthy of a mention. Housing New South Wales largest crocodile, some ferocious Tasmanian devils, the continent’s most venomous snakes and lets not forget the Goliath bird-eating spiders - The Australian Reptile Park maybe of interest.

Big croc at the Australian Reptile Park

This award winning, accessible animal park has a diverse range of Australian and exotic wildlife that encourages visitors to get hands on with animals of all kinds. The Australian Reptile Park is in Somersby, just one hour north of Sydney and actively encourages visitors to get hands on with animals of all kinds, from koala bears to wombats, you can also hand feed kangaroo's.

The Park boasts more than 36 species of snakes, including 11 of the continent’s most venomous varieties. Visitors can hold a Burmese python, drop in on a Snake Safety Awareness Seminar, or watch snakes get milked for their venom as part of the facility’s world-renowned anti-venom project. If your fears are more of the eight-legged variety, there’s also Spider World, that has more than 500 species of spiders from all over the world. Visit Tarantulaville to observe tarantulas and scorpions or you can head to the spider laboratory and watch feedings and venom milking of the world’s deadliest arachnid - the Funnel-web spider.

Dwarf Bearded Dragon

If the idea of spending the afternoon around creatures of the night still makes your skin crawl, the park has Bust-a-Phobia workshops to help visitors conquer their snake and spider related fears. Or, for the insane, try their Fear-Factor-Challenge and let 'giant stick insects' crawl over your face... Go on. 

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Brent Narbey
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Brent Narbey
: 23 May 2017 (Last updated: 13 Jun 2019)

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