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Welcome to your Australian adventure.

We love this place. And we love sharing it with you. Since 2001 we’ve been helping visitors plan their dream holiday to Australia. We aim to make it effortless for you to have the holiday of a lifetime in our beautiful land. Whether it’s fully organised group trips, personalised tours, self-driving, family or adventure holidays we’ve got all the tips and tricks to make planning a trip to Australia a breeze. Check out our handy itineraries, options, and expert advice. No matter what kind of holiday you’re hankering for, we’ll take care of you. Here is what you need to know to help plan the perfect Australian holiday.

What you need to know before you leave home...


We know there’s a lot to organise for your big trip. We cover things like travel insurance and how to get here. No matter where in the world you’re coming from, we’ll help you find the best option.


Explore, have fun and stay safe in Australia’s great outdoors with these simple tips.


We’re experts in getting all the details sorted for your Australian holiday. We welcome bookings from everywhere in the world. No matter where you’re coming from, we can help you find details for arranging your visa and passport.


We know it can be daunting to arrive in a new country for the first time. Especially after a long flight. Let us make things as smooth as possible for you on arrival with tips on landing in Australia - Customs and Immigration Guide.


First Light Travel has been given the "Aussie Specialist" designation by Tourism Australia. This means you can count on our ultra-knowledgeable Travel Specialists to create a standout Australian holiday just for you. 



Driving in Australia is one of the greatest things to do in our beautiful country. Stay safe and be prepared before you get behind the wheel here.


Australia is sensational in each season. It just depends what you want to see and do. Are you after balmy beaches or golden autumn leaves? Sun and Reefs? See our guide to the seasons and when to visit here.


We know that many of you will be coming to Australia for a variety of experiences, so, therefore, your clothing and equipment needs will vary accordingly. We have compiled a list that tries to accommodate various requirements.


Everything you need to know about the different types of accommodation available for your Australian holiday - from Luxury Lodges to Camping in the great outdoors. 


Choosing the right vehicle is probably one of the most important decisions you can make when planning your driving holiday in Australia. This article has been designed to help you decide which is the best vehicle to rent for your Australian road trip. The rental vehicles we select from when planning your road trip are brand new, modern vehicles with an average age no older than 6 months) and the latest models, including the latest safety features.


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Our holiday peak season runs from November through to March, coinciding with summer, with the absolute peak being in January and February.


A downloadable Australian Travel Map showing highways, major cities and towns.


Browse our Australian Travel Guide and find out about our people, history, climate, geography and food. What things cost and how to get your phone connected. What to do if you have an accident, unique places worth a visit. Search our comprehensive FAQs section to help you find what you are looking for.


See First Light Travels selection of  rental vehicles. Our range also includes sports cars, people movers and minivans and coaches.


Australian Rental Car Insurance - Demystified


When planning an Australian self drive holiday or road trip, use our AU Driving Time and Travel Distance Calculator to work out the best route between two towns or cities.  This calculator will give you an accurate average driving time taking into consideration obstacles like mountain passes, winding roads, single lanes etc.


Pick an Australian city to see what the weather and rainfall will be like throughout the year.


Do you need Travel Insurance when on holiday in Australia

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