How it Works


We understand that this might be your first booking with First Light Travel so we have popped together some simple steps so that you know what to expect:

  1. Browse the sample itineraries on our website for inspiration.
  2. Complete an enquiry form and one of our expert Travel Designers will call you to discuss your dream trip and plan an itinerary with you.
  3. Together, you can keep re-designing your trip until you are 100% happy with your tour/itinerary, at that point we will send you an online booking form to complete and process your deposit.
  4. On receipt of your completed booking form and deposit, we will go ahead and secure your reservations.
  5. When your itinerary is confirmed, we will email you a Booking Summary which details your reservations.
  6. We will send you a friendly balance reminder a week prior to the due date of your balance payment.
  7. Upon receipt of your balance payment and your confirmation that no further changes are required, your Travel Designer will sign off for your documents to be finalised.
  8. A few weeks prior to your arrival, your documents will be sent to you electronically. These will include your comprehensive daily itinerary which has dozens of suggested activities in each region, specific details of your chosen activities, vouchers, in country support contacts and much more. 
  9. Take lots of photos and have the best trip!
  10. Provide us with your invaluable feedback.


Pricing terms

The price is based on current exchange rates but is only an approximation. Please contact us for a final price