What do things cost in Australia?


One of the most important parts of planning your Australian Dream Holiday is knowing how much things cost. Items like petrol, meals and alcohol can quickly add up to a significant amount. How much spending money you will need? Let's find out.


What do things cost in Australia?

While the journey to Australia is a long one, we can assure you it will be well worth it: you will be blown away by the hospitality, open spaces, breathtaking scenery, cuisine and activities on offer during your holiday. 

To boot, Australia's economy is booming, we’re politically stable, plus have great health care and infrastructure: so when you’re here, you’ll be in good hands.

When organizing any trip, it’s important to know what things cost. The following facts will help you plan your trip:


Food and Drink

The standard of food in Australia is high, with the majority of our produce locally grown. Expect everything from delicious locally-grown fruit & vegetables to sustainable fish, chicken, beef, lamb, pork and venison. We treat our livestock with respect and encourage the grower to provide a free-range lifestyle for them. With a coastline that spans 36,000 kilometres we are also spoilt for choice with seafood on most menus.


So what is the cost of food and drinks in Australia?

The Classic Aussie Meat Pie 
The Australian meat pies are a real icon, the meat and gravy filled, flaky pastry case has earned its place in the Australian culture. Try dish delicious dish with a generous amount of tomato sauce!

One delicious meat and gravy filled meat pie - AU$ 5 - 6

Fish & Chips
Fish & Chips, besides the famous meat pies, is one of the most popular dishes in Australia. You can find a Fish & Chip takeaway store on almost every street corner in the country. Because of this, there are hundreds of recipes out there and everyone uses different flours and types of batters. Fish & Chips are a must-try during your holiday.

Two pieces of freshly battered fish and a scoop of chips - AU $10 - $15

The Aussie Burger
Of course, you can eat burgers all over the world, but the Aussie burger is our local version. In Australia, we add beetroot and pineapple.

Burger with fries - AU $15 - $20

McDonald’s, KFC and many other international brands are available as well as Australia’s own Red Rooster, a popular chicken franchise, and Oporto, famous for its Portuguese Style Bondi Charcoal Chicken.

McDonald’s Big Mac Combo - AU $8
Red Rooster Classic Quarter - AU $11

The café scene in Australia like elsewhere is very social, a place where they can catch up with friends and have a nice coffee, beer or meal. Australian folks are nutty about their coffee and most can’t function without a morning shot it, so if you like a good coffee you are in luck.

Coffee (flat white) AU $4 - $5
Sandwich - AU $7 - $10

Mainstream Restaurants
The Australian restaurant scene is very cosmopolitan. In the cities expect international cuisine including Italian, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Turkish, Korean and more. Thanks to the multicultural society you can find almost any kind of food that you fancy in Australia.

Entrée – AU $15 - $20
Main – AU $20 - $30


Fine dining
Australia has a lot of fine dining, especially in major cities. Wineries and popular bars also offer excellent food.

The average meal in a bar or restaurant is around - AU $15 - $25
A meal at a fine dining restaurant is around - AU $50+

Beverages prices vary, depending on where you go and at what time. During happy hour, alcoholic beverages are a lot cheaper. Imported beers are more expensive than domestic. Australia has a number of locally-brewed favorites - One worth checking out is their 
Bundaberg Rum. 

Domestic beer - AU $8
Imported beer - AU $9 -$10
Happy hour - AU $4 - $5


Bush tucker
This kind of food is still eaten by Aboriginal peoples in remote areas of Australia. The Aboriginal people hunted and gathered their food in the Australian bush for thousands of years. Bush tucker food includes kangaroo, crocodile, emu, and Quandong.

Tipping is not mandatory in Australia, however, if you want to thank the staff for good service they will be happy.



The major towns in Australia have a reliable and affordable public transport network, and from almost every city there are suburban train lines. Taxis operate in all major cities and towns. If traveling a long distance most people fly, but some journeys can be done by train and most areas are serviced by bus.

Biking Australia

So what are the costs of getting around in Australia?

Hiring a car
Hiring a car to get around Australia is an excellent choice as it provides flexibility, but remember you need to drive on the left side of the road and the driving distances can be long. All international rental brands are available such as Hertz, Avis, and Budget. It is also a possibility to rent a motor home and have your transport and accommodation in one. There are many Motor home rental companies and a large price range - It all depends on where you are going and for how long. 

A budget car per day - AU $35+
An International brand per day - AU $70 +

Petrol prices vary, but it currently fluctuates around AU $2 per liter


Flying within Australia is easy between the major cities. Qantas is the premium national carrier, with low-cost carriers Jetstar and Virgin Australia handling the majority of domestic flights. There are also a handful of smaller regional airlines that also serve country towns and remote Outback areas. If you book well in advance, prices are always cheaper.

A flight from Sydney to Melbourne will cost approximately AU $100 - $150
A flight from Sydney to Cairns will cost approximately AU $100 - $300

Accommodation-wise, we have everything from basic accommodation to luxury five-star lodges. Like anywhere in the world you pretty much get what you pay for.

First Light Travel's criteria for choosing the accommodation providers we use are simple: We put you in the best accommodation available for your budget, whether Luxury Lodges, ‘Boutique’ Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels, Motor Lodges or Backpacker Hostels. We have compiled our preferences with the help of invaluable client feedback and from personal experience. The accommodation may have been selected for historic & cultural significance, unique scenery, convenient location, outstanding facilities, or simply because they give you the real Australian feeling.  They will be of a high standard, clean, friendly and comfortable.

Glamping Australia

Hostels: AU $20 - $25 This is an affordable option when you do not mind sharing a room. The smaller the dorm, the higher the costs.

Airbnb: AU $100 - $1000 This depends entirely on whether you are after a room or a mansion.

Motels: AU $85 - $200 Motels are plentiful in Australia and provide a good standard of accommodation.

B&B: AU $120 - $250 You can find delightful B&Bs in exquisite Australian locations, including farms, vineyards, beaches, the outback and more. If you are looking for accommodation with a personal touch this is a good option.

Hotels: AU $100 - $500 Hotels to are plentiful, with a mix of international chains mix boutique hotels.

Luxury Lodges: AU $1000 - $3000 per person /per night. For something truly special, we have some unique luxury lodges in remote, beautiful locations in Australia.


Activities and Sights

Australia is vast, but wherever you are going, there are activities and must-do highlights that epitomize the best of the lucky country. Many great hikes, beaches, and museums available at no cost. However, like all places, there are activities that aren't free, and some should be on your ‘must do’ list.


Activity Operators and Tour Guides

In Australia, there may be several operators running similar activities in one location, seemingly with no point of difference from the rest. In reality, some of these experiences may be worlds apart from one another. The guides and the operators we use make it their priority to provide you with the finest, safest, most environmentally friendly experience on offer in Australia. If we don’t do it, it’s not worth doing and for good reason!

Tully River Rafting

To give you an idea of cost:

Phillip Island's Penguin Parade - from AU $50

Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb - from AU $175

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road - Free

Laneways Walking Tour Melbourne - from AU $90

White Water Rafting Cairns - from AU $135

Whitsunday Islands Day Sail - from AU $90

Pricing terms

The price is based on current exchange rates but is only an approximation. Please contact us for a final price