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Are you keen to make the most of your time in Oceania. Maybe you’ve pondering a hop over to the South Pacific islands of Fiji while you’re visiting Australia? We can not only help with that but the First Light travel team have collated all the things you need to know about combining Fiji with your Australian getaway.

Flight times from Nadi Fiji

Discover the paradise of Fiji...

Visiting Australia is an exciting prospect in itself, but how about combining your trip with one of the most popular Pacific islands at the same time? What a great idea! Not sure what the ins and outs are of combining a Fiji holiday with your Australia trip? No worries, the experts at First Light Travel have come up with the basics you need to know while planning your adventures. 

The time to visit the paradise island of Fiji has come, especially if you are already planning a trip to Oz. The (relatively) close vicinity of the South Pacific means that you can mix up your vacation to include the buzzing cities and dusty wildlife-filled outback of Australia with the white sand beaches and aqua hued crystal clear waters of over 300 islands that make up the Fiji archipelago.

Read on to top up your Fiji knowledge:

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How far is Fiji from Australia?

First things first, the archipelago of Fiji is located eastwards of Australia and takes approximately 4 hours by plane from its east coast. Distance-wise that’s roughly 4,644 km (or 2,886 miles) if you fly by the most direct route. 

Fijian cultural dancers

What are the flight times to Fiji from Australia’s main cities?

Direct flights can be taken from a selection of Australia’s state capitals and flight times differ accordingly:

From Sydney to Fiji:  4 hours

From Brisbane to Fiji: 3 hours 30 minutes

From Melbourne to Fiji: 4 hours 45 minutes

Other Australian state capitals like Perth have indirect flight options with stopovers in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne which increases the flight times.

For example:

From Perth to Fiji: 11 hours (including a 3-hour connection through Sydney).

For international travellers, we recommend connecting to Fiji through one of the main Australian centres - Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane - and including these as part of your international travel package plans as this will give you the best price and luggage capacity options. 

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Warm Fijian welcome

What is Fiji known for?

The archipelago of Fiji is most famous for its idyllic 333 tropical islands, which look like they come straight out of a postcard. Clear vibrant blue waters filled with coral reefs - Check! Pristine white-sand beaches lined with palm trees - Check! Lush green rolling hills - Check!

The islands are the epitome of a South Pacific paradise and enjoy a boatload of fascinating culture, laid-back living and adventure-packed activities to boot. Music and song are a big part of everyday life in Fiji along with delicious feasts cooked in a traditional ‘lovo’ underground oven. 

Suva, located on the eastern side of the largest island of Viti Levu, is the capital and a port city with fascinating British colonial architecture. Nadi, on the western side of the island, is Fiji's main international gateway and closest to the largest resorts on the Coral Coast and Denarau Island.

Fijian achipelago of 333 islands

What is the time difference between Fiji and Australia?

A great thing about including Fiji in your travels plans with Australia is that the time difference is small so you won’t be struggling with additional jet lag in the middle of your getaway! Since Australia is so large it has three timezones in one country so the time differences with Fiji are as follows:

Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra) is one hour behind Fiji.

So if it is 9 am in Canberra, it is 10 am in Suva.

Australian Central Standard Time (Adelaide, Darwin, Broken Hill) is one hour and 30 minutes behind Fiji.

So if it is 9 am in Adelaide, it is 10.30 am in Suva.

Australian Western Standard Time (Perth) is four hours behind Fiji.

So if it is 9 am in Perth, it is 1 pm in Suva.

What airport do you fly into for Fiji?

Nadi International Airport is the main airport of Fiji, servicing the majority of the country's annual visitors including those from Australia. The city is situated on the western side of Viti Levu (Fiji's main island) and acts as the country's tourism hub offering a wealth of accommodation options, attractions to suit all tastes, shopping destinations, plus fantastic dining and entertainment.

Nadi fruit market

When is the best time to visit Fiji?

This all depends on what you are looking for in your holiday. Temperatures in tropical Fiji are generally pleasant all year round, rarely dropping below 20 degrees celsius but the amount of rainfall and crowds can differ substantially.

Most visitors like to head to Fiji during the county’s high season (dry season) from June to September when temperatures are lower but still enjoyable and rainfall is unlikely, however, with this comes the crowds and higher price tags. The low season (wet season) runs from November to April and this is when the islands are at their quietest and temperatures are relatively high but the weather is more unpredictable with seasonal storms possible.

We recommend visiting during the shoulder seasons of October and May when temperatures are slightly milder but still stunning, crowds are less likely and rates are discounted - the perfect mix!

Is Fiji closer to Australia or New Zealand?

Geographically, the Fijian Islands are located closer to New Zealand than Australia but they are equally easy to get to from both countries. The distance from Fiji to New Zealand’s North Island is approximately 2,665 km and the flight time from Auckland to Nadi is around 3 hours. 

What language do they speak in Fiji?

Fiji uses three official languages - Fijian, English and a variation of Hindi which is quite different to the one spoken in India. Native Fijians generally use Fijian as their first language and English as their second so communication in English is rarely a problem.

We always recommend diving into the culture and language of our destinations so here are a few basic Fijian words and phrases to try:

Fijian - English

Bula (pronounced ‘boo-lah’), Hello (the most common greeting)

Moce (pronounced ‘mo-thay’), Goodbye 

Io (pronounced ‘ee-oh’), Yes

Sega (pronounced ‘senga’), No

Kerekere (pronounced ‘Kerre-kerre’), Please

Vinaka (pronounced ‘Vee-naka’), Thank you

Tulou (pronounced ‘Too-low’), Excuse me

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Jenny Power
: 26 Nov 2021 (Last updated: 9 Jan 2022)

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