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Are you in the depths of planning your next big getaway to Oceana and keen to include Fiji? Good choice! Have you started setting out a big-budget spreadsheet (or maybe just filing it in your head) but are not quite sure of the pricing you can expect in Fiji? Well, we can help with that. The First Light Travel team are experts in all things Fiji and Australia and have popped together some answers to your most asked questions.

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Fiji, the land (or multiple lands really, over 300 islands in fact) of azure waters combined with white sand beaches and rainbows of coral reefs packed with sea life. Can it get any better than a paradise like this? Not really, so let’s get stuck into planning your next vacation to this jewel of the South Pacific. Lying only 4 hours east of Australia, Fiji is a favourite destination when you’re thinking about a holiday in our neck of the woods. A relatively short flight brings you to a dreamy world of picture-perfect beach sunsets and a country with so much culture and so many friendly faces that you will never want to leave. 

The Oceana-obsessed experts at First Light Travel know how much time and energy goes into planning your perfect vacation - so we have made it easier for you. Here you’ll find all the answers to the questions you have been pondering about the costs involved in adding Fiji into your Australian escape, plus a few more insights and tips you maybe haven’t thought of yet. 

Read on to get your budget-brain in gear:

How much is a Fiji vacation?

First off, let’s be honest, this isn’t an easy question to answer since the price of any vacation depends on a huge number of factors. From your ideal length of stay and preferred star-rating of accommodations to the types of activities you want to include - it all affects the budget. In Fiji, especially, the prices can vary greatly depending on how many islands you want to visit and the time of year in which you travel. The high season in Fiji runs in tandem with the Dry Season from June to September and this is when hotels and activities increase their prices. The low season, corresponds with the Wet Season from November to April and brings the prices down along with the crowds but also brings with it the chance of unpredictable weather. 

That all being said, Fiji is a destination that can offer incredible experiences to a wide range of budgets, from basic backpacker holidays to all-inclusive luxury resort getaways complete with island hopping in your own private boat, the array of facilities is abundant. 

Example prices:

Backpacker accommodation: Under AUD 65 per night

Three-Star Hotel: AUD 98-198 per night 

Resort Hotel: AUD 295+ per night

This is for accommodation only during the high season (as of December 2021) so it is intended to give you an idea of your baseline costs before then adding food, travel, activities etc. 

The absolute best way to get an idea of your personalised holiday budget, including all of the elements you wish for, is to Get in Touch with your travel specialists at First Light Travel. We can tailor your itinerary package to suit your wish list alongside recommendations of where you can afford to save some pennies and where it is worth a splurge.

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What currency is used in Fiji?

The Fijian Dollar is the currency in Fiji, often abbreviated to FJ$ to differentiate it from other dollar currencies. One Fijian Dollar converts to around 0.66 Australian Dollars or 0.47 US Dollars (as of December 2021).

Can I use my credit card in Fiji?

Absolutely, credit cards and debit cards including MasterCard, Visa and American Express are widely accepted at resorts, hotels, car hire companies, tour companies, activities and restaurants. It is wise to remember that credit cards may not be accepted in some of the more remote areas of the islands so best to have some cash to hand. Additionally, surcharges can be applied by your issuing bank and local businesses so best to chat to your bank about this before you travel if you would like further details. It is always best to let your bank know you will be travelling so that they know you will be spending money abroad and they do not need to check this with you or pop any unnecessary holds on your cards.

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Are food and drinks expensive in Fiji?

Again, this is quite a subjective topic, with a huge range of options available to choose from for keeping yourself fed and watered while in Fiji. Your budget and personal tastes will likely dictate what you will go for, from resort-included meal packages to local markets filled with fresh seafood and tropical fruits, there is something to suit all palates. In general, drinks and meals are comparable to Australian pricing when it comes to what is available at hotels and resorts (think roughly AUD 30-50 for a dinner main course, AUD 15 for a cocktail, AUD 10 for a beer). More competitive pricing options can be found in the larger towns and resort areas where there is a choice of resort and independent restaurants in addition to supermarkets, cafes and local markets (check out Suva Municipal Market if you get the chance). In the more remote island areas, there are fewer choices of restaurants and eateries so you will usually end up sticking with the restaurants and facilities available at your hotel or resort.

A few foodie related things to know before you go:

Kava: This traditional drink made from the Yaqona root​​ is a staple in Fijian culture and used in traditional welcoming ceremonies for visitors to the islands.

Kokoda: A raw fish salad marinated in citrus juices akin to ceviche but with the added twist of coconut milk.

Meke: This is a feast usually cooked in an earthen oven known as a Lovo - this can consist of seafood, meat and vegetable all steamed together with sweet coconut milk - Yum!

Taro: a starchy root vegetable similar to potatoes or yams. The leaves are also cooked and served in a similar way to spinach.

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How much are activities in Fiji?

There are a wealth of things to do while in Fiji aside from relaxing on a beautiful beach although we wouldn’t blame you if you spent your whole time dozing in the sunshine. For those travellers interested in action-packed holidays then we have some example activity prices that will help you plan your bustling itinerary: 

Snorkelling and Sailing: If you’re ready to dive into crystal clear waters and search for rainbows coloured coral and its fishy inhabitants then we recommend some snorkelling or serene cruising around the reefs and islands. Prices can, of course, vary depending on where in Fiji you go and for how long but generally a day trip cruise from Nadi including options to snorkel plus lunch can start from around AUD 150 per person. 

Scuba Diving: Fiji boasts an underwater paradise waiting to be explored by beginner and advanced divers alike. A simple beginners diving excursion that does not require any in-pool training and includes all equipment hire can start from around AUD 300 per person. 

Cultural attractions: Bursting with cultural sights and sounds, there are so many options for getting under the skin of the country’s traditions and history. A great example is the Fiji Museum in Suva (entry around AUD 7 per person) or the colourful Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple (free entry). This is not to be missed if you’re keen to explore the island’s Hindu heritage but do remember to dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering.

Check out our combined Aussie and Fiji packages to find more inspiration. The First Light Travel consultants are always happy to chat about your ideas and questions so do Contact Us if you would like to discuss activity options. 

Do I need a visa to visit Fiji?

Many passport holders (including those from Australia, the USA, the UK and New Zealand) do not require a visa to visit Fiji and will be granted a visitor’s visa upon arrival. The list of visa-exempt passport holder countries can be found on the Fiji Immigration website HERE so you can check if this applies to you. Nationals from countries not on this list must apply for and purchase a tourist visa before arrival from the Fijian Immigration Department - more details can be found HERE.

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How much is it to travel around Fiji?

Considering there are over 300 islands to explore in Fiji, it is surprisingly easy to get around with a network of buses and ferries servicing the largest islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu and only cost a few dollars per trip for a bus and from around AUD 50 per person for one-way ferry trips - just remember that the timetables can often run on ‘Fiji time’ so may not be exactly on time. Taxis are also a popular choice, are easy to organise with your accommodation or find local taxi ranks and usually run on a metered service so prices vary per trip. 

Our personal recommendation? Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of hiring your own car while exploring Fiji and you will be able to get further afield while enjoying the aircon. You can expect to pay from around AUD 150 per day but prices will depend on your length of hire and vehicle type.

Have we given you the Fiji travel bug? We can help with that!

Our Australia and Fiji Itineraries are a great place to start or simply Contact Us to discuss a bespoke itinerary developed with our expert travel consultants.


Jenny Power
Jenny Power
: 24 Dec 2021 (Last updated: 4 Feb 2022)

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